Micro Track MT11

Compucon is proudly presenting its newest and smallest (so far!) device, that is calledMicroTrack. This device is our “track-it-all” device, as it can be used for tracking everything. This small but powerfull personal tracker can keep you in track with yourloved ones, can be used on a dog or any pet for avoiding loss, is ideal for yourluggage on a journey, and countless more occasions.

Main advantages of this tinny device is surely design, size(68x42x18mm) and weight (40 gr) but it is also to be used for every Fleet Management application with the same reliability, flexibility and accuracy as any other Compucon device.

The main features of this smart device include:

  • 2 button control panel (panic button)
  • Quadband GSM module with internal antenna
  • Medtiatek MTT3329 A-GPS Chipset
  • Fast TTFF (cold start less than 35 sec)
  • Up to 30 geofences, 512 points each
  • Over 110.000 records log storage
  • GSM Cell ID (information and coordinates)
  • 710mAh li-polymer rechargeable battery
  • Low power consumption
  • 3-axis accelerometer for motion and drop detection
  • Package includes two types of adaptation rings in 3 different lively colors each.